Current Campaigns

As you know, we’ve been tracking all of your chapters’ biggest accomplishments in a running count of coastal victories.  This number is posted front and center on the website and on the cover of Making Waves.  There is a full collection as well as a description of ‘victory’ based on our current Strategic Plan at <> . Also Jim typically blogs on these at

We’re getting close to our goal of “150 victories by the end of 2010” and I wanted to make sure you all see the list and updates.  Sort of the ‘fruits of your labor’.   All of the hard work put in to protecting the coast and educating your neighbors is really paying off. We are currently at 127 victories!

Here is a list of current Florida Chapter Campaigns:

1. Free Upham (Removal of t-groin geotubes)

2. Singer Island Emergent Breakwaters

3. Wind Turbines Proposed on Erosive Barrier Island

4. Beach Management Reform (next steps of the Reach 8 legal campaign)

5. Oil Drilling in Floria’s Nearshore Waters

6. Preserving Beach Access (Amicus Brief in the US Supreme Court)

7. EPA and Florida Must Set Limits on Fertilizer/Animal Waste Pollution in State Waters

8. Extension of Ponce Inlet Jetty

9. Brevard County Mid-Reach Dredging Project


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